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The Aging Out Initiative originated out of Ottawa’s Point in Time Count on Ottawa in 2021.  The data showed us that almost one-third (32%) of individuals on the street identified as indigenous. Of those indigenous, houseless individuals, nearly half (42%) had been through the child welfare system. Finally, it was found that 14% of those individuals who had been through the child welfare system had become homeless within a single day of aging out from their group home/care institution. 


The OAC has responded by working to establish a space where Indigenous youth can move out of child welfare into a space that will support them in restoring their sense of identity, connecting them to culture, Elders, educational opportunities, life skills and employment – all connected to a safe place to live.  It is intended to be a place where youth can move through phases of support and by the third  year they have a community helper working with them in independent housing. 


Key partners working with the OAC on this initiative includes the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa, Child and Youth Permanency Council of Canada, Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services and the City of Ottawa.

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