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Our Community

Who is the Indigenous Community in Ottawa?

 Here’s some quick facts about our community.
  • Located on traditional Algonquin territory, Ottawa is home to approximately 40,000 First Nations, Inuit and Métis people. The urban Aboriginal community is diverse, representing many nations, languages and customs.
  • Ottawa is home to the largest Inuit population outside of the North, with several community organizations that provide support.
  • The federal government is a major employer in Ottawa/Gatineau, and many offer cultural lodges that are also open to the public.
  • Many major political events, conferences, and social justice movements take place in the capital.
  • Many move to Ottawa to attend post secondary institutions, all of which offer Aboriginal Student Support Centres.
  • There are a number of Aboriginal support organizations, which offer employment, health, counselling and housing support that it culturally relevant for Indigenous families, children, youth and seniors.
  • Ottawa has a vibrant arts community, with many local artists, musicians, and craftspeople.
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