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Our Logo

OAC logo.png
The Ottawa Aboriginal Coalition’s logo, which was adapted from the original logo created for the City of Ottawa’s Aboriginal Working Committee, is representative of First Nations, Métis and Inuit in Canada.

Flying forward against the backdrop of the sun is a Snow Goose, representative of all Indigenous peoples as this goose flies across all territories. It is painted in red and black Haida-style with a moose antler in its design to signify the First Nations. A white infinity symbol, which is found in the Métis flag, can be seen swirling around the goose. And the Ulu, a traditional Inuit women’s knife, in the backdrop of the sun is meant to symbolize our most northern peoples, the Inuit. In addition to its circular shape, the 4 colours of the logo are the 4 colours of the Medicine Wheel: yellow, red, black and white.
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