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The Need

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The Indigenous Women's Safety Table was developed to respond to the Calls for Justice on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG) and to apply them to the Ottawa Community. 

What we Did 

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The OAC created the Indigenous Women's safety table in 2019. The table focuses on specific systems that need to change to increase their capacity to be a safe place for Indigenous Women. The current working groups are police, healing and wellness, residential services as well as housing and homelessness. 

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This work is about restoring balance in Indigenous women, in our families and in our community.

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Infographics & Presentations

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Indigenous Gender-Based Analysis

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About the Indigenous Women's
Safety Table


The main table is made up of OAC member organizations and key partners working with the OAC. We aim to restore abalone in Indigenous women, in our families, and our communities. 

Working Groups

The table has four working groups: Police, Healing and Wellness, Residential, and Housing and Homelessness. We aim to create a safer Ottawa for Indigenous women and girls. This takes some major determinants of health and looks deeper into how the system works so we can do effective systems change to work for Indigenous people in all aspects of their lives. 


We use the Justice Framework, always do work with an Indigenous lens, use an Indigenous Gender-Based Analysis and serve the urban Indigenous community. 

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"In many Indigenous cultures and societies, we are taught to honour women, as life givers, as knowledge keeps, as storytellers, as medicine women, as word carriers, as community members and human being and colonialism has impacted negatively on those values." (Romeo Sanganash)

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Family Healing Lodge

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