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Calling all Indigenous Community Members in Ottawa!

The Ottawa Aboriginal Coalition welcomes community members to take part in the National Indigenous Peoples Day Social Media Scavenger Hunt from June 12-June 21, 2020. This Social Media Scavenger Hunt is designed to showcase photos and videos of community members while bringing some competitive fun to everyone’s day!


Utilizing OAC’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, our Team Members will be monitoring, commenting, sharing, and driving the digital contest over the duration of the 10 days. We will use the hashtag #OACScavengerHunt

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OAC Social Media Platforms

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Contest Duration

The Scavenger Hunt contest will begin on June 12th and end at midnight on June 21st. For community members that would like to submit pictures and videos for the contest that do not have access to the Internet, alternative considerations will be made. Contact for more information.


Content will be judged for creativity and originality of the image and/or video uploaded. Content will also be judged for quotes and more information given with an image. Participants will be entered to win one of three prizes: 10.2-inch iPad, Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch, Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera with Film.

Show us what you did!

Once you complete a task let us know by sending an email with photo/video evidence to or, share with us on social media using the hashtag #OACScavengerHunt. If your social account is private, please send your entry via email. 

All content submitted will be shared on the OAC Website and Social Media outlets. We encourage all participants to ensure they have permission from individuals included in the photos and/or videos prior to submitting content. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact us directly at


In order to be considered for the prize’s participants must complete at least 12 out of the 15 items on the scavenger hunt checklist below. Once you complete a task let us know by sending an email with photo/video evidence to


Please take part in the OAC National Indigenous Peoples Day Social Media Scavenger Hunt by posting content on some of the following categories:

1. Creative Challenge


Show us a creative way you can spell out the letters OAC (Ottawa Aboriginal Coalition) or re-create the OAC logo any way you want (bead it, draw it, paint it, carve it, etc.)

Have fun and get creative!


2. Music is Medicine

Upload a picture and/or video of somebody (with their permission) or yourself playing/singing/dancing/listening to some traditional music. Watching some great drummers, throat singers or jigging online for virtual National Indigenous Peoples Day events this year? Post a picture!


3. Post a picture with OAC members swag on


Do you have any swag from any of the OAC members? We want to see it! Do you have a water bottle, reusable bag, sticker, t-shirt or any items with the OAC members logo on it? Show it to us in action!

4. National Indigenous Peoples Day

Share your favorite part of National Indigenous Peoples Day on social media. What does NAD mean to you? What is your favourite part of NAD? Don't forget to tag it with #OACScavengerHunt


5. Tradition/Culture

How do you practice your culture? What do you wear to show off your culture? Take a picture of you wearing it or draw it!


6. What keeps your spirits up?


Take a picture or post your favorite quote of something that keeps your spirits up or motivated! We want to hear from you!


7. Land and environment

What is beautiful and grows wild in your neighbourhood? Do you have somewhere or something from the land that inspires you? We want you to show us!

8. Traditional Foods


Take a picture of some traditional food or share your favourite recipe – bonus point if you’re in the photo! 


9. Photo of an Elder/Senator/Traditional Teacher/Grandparent or Image that symbolizes them and a story

Ask them to share a story or joke with you.  


10. Sharing Teachings

What teaching has impacted you? Find or draw an item that symbolizes that teaching.


11. Who is your inspiration?

Who inspires you in the Ottawa community? Tell us who, and why, & don’t forget to tag them! – bonus point for a photo


12. The Indigenous Music Scene  

What’s on your playlist?! From traditional instrumentalists to contemporary genre artists do you have a favorite song by an Indigenous artist or group?    

Share a photo of the album cover, your favourite lyric from a song or a video of you singing/listening/dancing along! 


13. Ottawa is a place of belonging

Where is your favourite space in Ottawa? Take a picture of it – bonus point if you are included in the photo


14. Community Creations

Show us any art, beading, sewing, pottery, carvings you’ve made recently.
We would love to see it!


15. Home

Is there another place or community you call home? Share or draw a photo of that place with us.

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