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Building Relationships

The Ottawa Aboriginal has developed a relationship model when working with non-Aboriginal partners in the area of mental health that we have used in other areas of our work. It was first presented as part of an Aboriginal Mental Health conference at City Hall organized by Minwaashin Lodge. This model recognizes that for reconciliation relationships to be established there is a foundation that is built not only on western knowledge but also indigenous knowledge. There are specific outcomes for each direction:

Cultural Reclamation

One key outcome is the number of stand-alone Aboriginal programs, services and organizations that are developed and operated based on Indigenous knowledge and led by Aboriginal people.

Cultural Congruence

The OAC are looking for outcomes that indicate that we know how to work with each other and have culturally competent practices. Outcomes include the number of joint programs and services that we provide and which, of these programs, are developed and run based on Indigenous knowledge.

Cultural Competence





First Nation




Cultural Reclaimation

Non-Aboriginal Community

Aboriginal Community


Cultural Awareness

We increase the number of mainstream service providers that have a greater knowledge about the Aboriginal community in Ottawa and have increased their confidence in working
with Aboriginal people.

Cultural Competence

Mainstream organizations have examined their own internal practices and made changes to ensure that Aboriginal community members access the services and experience a culturally safe and positive experience.  In some cases that means transforming the programs that an organization
provides to the community.

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