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Local Relationships

Ottawa Aboriginal Coalition Local Relationships

Aboriginal Community Advisory Board (on Housing)  through the City of Ottawa. - The OAC supports the ACAB with community led research support, as well as advocating and raising awareness on urban Indigenous housing issues.  The OAC, took an active role in the 2018 and will be involved in the City of Ottawa’s ‘Point in Time’ Count, by facilitating training sessions on challenges in Indigenous self-identification, as well as the need for trauma informed cultural support.


Boys and Girls Club Art Now - The OAC did a one time project with the Boys and Girls Club around promoting intercultural relationships through art. This project is in the process of being renewed. See report Art Now! For the results of the first year. 

Ottawa Children’s Aid Society - Ottawa Aboriginal Coalitions member organizations that work with Indigenous community members that are also client of CAS , have established the Executive Director Circle, made up of Executive Directors including the CAS Executive Director. The Executive Director Circle is committed to supporting Indigenous children and youth to stay in their families and communities

Ottawa Police ServicesThe Community Equity Council at the Ottawa Police Services has three Indigenous Elders and two Indigenous community members that are connected to the OAC. It provides us with another way to support the OPS in improving services to the Indigenous community in Ottawa

Ottawa Public Health – The Urban Indigenous Health Alliance is made up of mainstream health institutions and OAC members. The Alliance is funded through OPH and is focused on making health care in Ottawa a respectful and positive experience for Indigenous community members.

School Boards – This is not an active partnership at this time.

United Way – Contract – The United Way has supported the OAC through different programs. This year, the United Way is supporting the salary of our Project Coordinator. In addition to supporting OAC projects, she will be a liaison between OAC and the United Way for future projects.

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