How to prepare
  • Stock up on non-perishable foods gradually over the next few weeks.

  • Fill prescriptions and stock up over-the-counter medications.

    • Don’t wait to fill essential prescriptions.

    • Fill prescriptions for an extra month if you’re able.

    • Get refills with enough notice so that you do not run out of medication you may need.

    • Purchase over-the-counter pain/fever medications.

  • Make plans for your children or other dependents in case you may be sick.

  • Stock up on supplies for your pets.

  • Stock up on cleaning supplies.

  • Ensure you have adequate sanitary/hygiene supplies.

  • Make preparations within your office. Support each other.

Click here to view the Pandemic Prepared Checklist

Click here to read how to Prepare for Pandemic in Inuktitut

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