COVID-19 Pandemic


  • Seek wisdom from knowledge keepers and traditional healers – Learn about traditional healing practices and medicines. Many of our medicines strengthen and cleanse our bodies and minds. Note that there are no cures for COVID-19 at this time. Many of our knowledge keepers and traditional healers are available online and by telephone.

  • Prioritize your wellness and focus your energy by using prayer, meditation, daily affirmations and mantras such as ‘I am resilient’.

  • Embrace this time to spend with your children

  • Open windows and blinds when possible to let some fresh air and sunlight in!

  • Limit screen time (especially social media)

  • Practice your songs!

  • Read a book! Check out this list of books by Indigenous authors

  • Download some coloring pages for free

  • Clean the air in your space. Some ideas: Cleaning air ducts, vents and replacing air filters. Don't forget about cleaning your rugs, couches, drapery, etc. Clean out any air humidifers. 

  • Spend time with friends remotely. You can watch tv with friends using Netflix Party

  • Take a break and watch sharks from Ripley's Aquarium!

  • Access free mental health supports like SilverCloud

  • Check out this PDF: 6 ways to keep your anxiety from taking over

  • Read mental health considerations during COVID-19  from AFN

  • Read this self care & resiliency guide