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Point in Time Count

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The Need

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Better understand the scope of homelessness in the Indigenous community and the needs of those experiencing homelessness. 

What We Did 

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A Point-in Time (PiT) Count is a one-day snapshot of homelessness in the community. In partnership with the City of Ottawa, the OAC created a PiT Count Infographic that highlights the key findings regarding Indigenous People's Experiences of Homelessness in Ottawa (2021).

The City of Ottawa acknowledges that the Indigenous community represent 4% of the population in Ottawa-Gatineau. In the 2021 Point-in-Time count, 32% of people experiencing homelessness identified as Indigenous.

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OAC Power Point - April 29, 2022

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What We Did 

One year after COVID-19 in 2021 the OAC did a survey to find out what happened during the first year of the Pandemic for Ottawa Urban Indigenous people.

1000+ Stories

Over 1000 community members shared their stories and experiences of what happened during the first year of COVID-19.

Where We Are Now

We are in the process of going through the data and bring people's experiences together in order to tell the story of what happened during the first year of the pandemic for Ottawa Urban Indigenous people.


We plan to present the findings of the research to the community in October 2022.

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