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COVID-19 Contest

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How do you keep your spirits up during COVID-19?

The Ottawa Aboriginal Coalition is inviting community members to share how they keep spirits up during this time, for their chance to win! Entries can be through music, video, art, poetry, picture, etc along with a written submission (2-3 sentences). Please email all submissions to Submissions will be shared on our social media. We are happy to announce the first winner is Ann, and our second winner is Frankie!

The next winner will be chosen on Friday June 5th, so get your submission in today!



To keep my spirits up I’ve been running, hiking, enjoying nature and slowly working at this heading project!



I found it a really interesting question as I have been reflecting a great deal on the past 9 weeks. I have an incredible 7 year old daughter and though she’s been out of school we have been going out to the land each day.


Each day we take a walk I teach her something new about the land be it what is the purpose of cedar, or what the roots of a tree symbolize in our First Nations stories etc. To quote her the other day: Mom the world is our classroom.



During these trying times I have found it very relaxing to paint. My daughter showed me a few techniques and I've been keeping my spirits up by painting feathers and hoping for better days when we can gather again safely and give each other a hug



I have been keeping my heart, mind and body busy and balanced by sewing and beading and helping my teens cope with the adjustments. This is just 1 of my accomplishments these past few weeks. 

20200504_220518 (1).jpg


During self isolation, I took up needle felting. I made this ulu modeling it after the ulu that belonged to my Grandmother. I never met my Grandmother but feel love to all my family and ancestors whenever I use my ulu.



How I like to keep my spirits up is creating beautiful art with beads for people who need color in their lives. Beading is a medicine to me and helps keep my creativity flowing for others to enjoy as well. 



Challenging myself to new crafts and different techniques.



During this time, I revolve myself around our medicines to keep my body, mind and spirit healthy and grounded, I also enjoy creating taxidermy jewelry with authentic hides, bones, and furs.   I visioned this style of earrings using bear claws; it hold strong energy within. 



Today I had plants dropped off that a friend picked up for me at the nursery and I saw this bee on one of them. Bees and flowers give me hope that better days will bloom. We are in this together.



To keep our spirits up during this time, we make sure to enjoy connecting with each other and with the outdoors. We go for long walks, looking for frogs, ducks, and other creatures every day! 



Spending time with my family in nature has been the main focus of my time in quarantine. Reconnecting with my roots and making efforts to pay more attention to the rhythm of the earth has helped my spirits soar!



I have been keeping busy crafting. Learning new beading and sewing techniques and sharing with others on FB.

Mental health walks along NCC pathways by Ottawa River.

Smudge daily. Drum on my balcony fills my heart.



I've been sewing alot of masks. :) 

It feels good to know I am apart of the fight against COVID-19 even if its just making facemasks.



Putting self-isolation to good use. Love making stained glass pieces in the hopes of brightening someone’s day.



I have been keeping my spirits up by painting pictures of my friends to gift them when we can all safely be together again. Art is good medicine.

IMG_20200426_232548_347 (1).jpg


It is a beaded picture of the power of the moose spirit and connections to water. It is glow in the dark, sweetgrass edging and a peyore stitched rope. 



Social Distance, is a piece I worked on right after the call came out to isolate in our homes.  I usually work in series in particular Houses, homes expressing my thoughts around, What home means and is it a place 

or state of mind.  Social Distance, reflects the quiet chaos as we all receded on unceded 




I keep my spirits up by keeping my Inner Spirit alive n well,  working on my Jingle Dress regalia and accessories, beading and sewing.  Even though powwows are cancelled does not mean that we should not dance during this Pandemic. I feel this is the right time to dance! For Prayers of Strength and Healing to us all!

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