Photo Repository Project 

About the Project

The Ottawa Aboriginal Coalition has initiated the Photo Repository Project. Through this project member organizations of the OAC will tell the story of what the Indigenous community has built in Ottawa over the last 20 years using photos and captions.


OAC members are Indigenous service organization providing front-line programs and services to Aboriginal people living in Ottawa and each have a valuable story to tell of where it all started and where they are today.


The OAC Photo Repository Project will act as a visual memory shared across a digital platform. It will represent a digital bundle of what the Indigenous community has built in Ottawa over approximately the last 20 years through photos.


 It is also, a tribute to the strength and determination of the Indigenous community members that built safer communities, created space to optimize health and wellness, who laughed, who passed down stories, who listened, and, in a single pausing of time, gifted us with a story that is still remembered, that goes along with each photograph. Community members are welcome to contribute photos to the repository with appropriate consents.


These are decidedly not our photos or our story to tell. They belong to the community members and the OAC members the photos come from.

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