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Aboriginal Businesses

Ottawa is home to a variety of unique Aboriginal businesses and services. To access this information, click here:

Aboriginal Business Directory

In March 2009, as part of its outreach and consultation with different sectors of the Ottawa Aboriginal community, the Ottawa Aboriginal Coalition (OAC) organized a Business Forum. The purpose of the Forum was to :

  1. Provide information to the Aboriginal Business community on the Ottawa Urban Aboriginal Strategy;

  2. Determine Aboriginal Business Representation on the UAS-Ottawa Steering Committee;

  3. identify Aboriginal specific business issues; and

  4. Discuss potential linkages/projects between the business community and the OAC/UAS-Ottawa Steering Committee


An Aboriginal Business Forum Report was prepared which provides information on the discussion and workshops that took place as well as the recommendations that were put forward by the Aboriginal business representatives who attended.

In order to continue developing a relationship with the Aboriginal Business Community, a second Aboriginal Business Forum was held February 2010. The purpose of this Forum was to:

  1. Provide an update on the Ottawa Urban Aboriginal Strategy;

  2. Launch the OAC Aboriginal Business portal;

  3. Identify an alternate Business Representative to sit on the UAS-Ottawa Steering Committee; and

  4. Present the Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce discussion paper which was developed to guide dialogue on the feasibility of starting an Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce in Ottawa.

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