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OAC Research Assistant for the Kids Come First Project

Ottawa Aboriginal Coalition

January 15, 2024

Title: OAC Research Assistant for the Kids Come First Project

Start Date: January 2024

Part-time Contract Position (3 days a week)

$38,220  $35 hour X 7 hours a day

Term: Two-year term (and possible renewal based on funding)

Location: Ottawa

Closing Date: Tuesday January 23, 2024 at 4pm

Preference would be given to First Nations, Inuit or Métis candidates (please self-identify to receive preference).

The Ottawa Aboriginal Coalition

The Ottawa Aboriginal Coalition is made up of Executive Directors from ten Ottawa Indigenous service organizations in Ottawa. The Coalition meets a number of times throughout the year to identify emerging issues and joint priorities based on their work in the community and provincial and national issues impacting urban Indigenous people.  The Coalition works within a Relationship Framework that identifies the key relationships that are built and maintained to ensure that the needs of Indigenous people are addressed in Ottawa.  The Coalition is engaged with the broader Ottawa Indigenous community and non-Indigenous partners including hosting a community gathering and Elders’ lunches each year.

The OAC – Kids Come First Research Project

The Ottawa Aboriginal Coalition, with Kids Come First, is doing a community based, participatory research to Identify challenges and solutions in accessing existing services within the  Kids Come First network, including CHEO, that Indigenous community members have identified as a significant challenge. The three areas include:

a) Mental health assessments and services

b) Assessments around development needs and supports to parents with children.

c) Pediatric dental surgery (particularly for Inuit children).

There are currently five barriers that have been identified by the OAC for Indigenous families who are trying to access services: cultural, type of Services (capacity, availability), language, financial, and geographic.

These barriers intersect and often make one barrier more complex. In addition, there is recognition that some of the barriers go beyond the Indigenous community and are structural barriers based on the current health care system.

OAC – Kids Come First Research Assistant Job Description

Job Summary:
The Research Assistant will support the OAC- Kids Come First Research Project.


1. Adhere to established Indigenous research methodology, gather and compile data for the research study or project.

2. Modify and adapt research methods, techniques or procedures, based on direction from the OAC Research Team and OAC Facilitator.

3. Work with OAC Facilitator and OAC Research Committee to complete an ethics application that keeps Indigenous Community Based Research as central while meeting criteria for ethics application., if required.

4. Ongoing support to the OAC Kids come first  Project Research committee, including coordinating meetings and minutes.

5. Implement the workplan for the project including interviews with families, data summaries and analysis, work with the stakeholders committee and other stakeholders.

6. Carry out qualitative analysis while working within a working group structure.

7. Record, classify, and summarize research data according to established procedures.

8. Monthly reports on the project for the OAC.

9. Track and send time sheets every two weeks to OAC facilitator.

10. Ensure relevant documents are uploaded to internal OAC platform.

11. Attend and help with various OAC initiatives as needed/directed by the OAC facilitator.

12. Work/meet with the Research Coordinator as needed

Education: Completed a relevant post-secondary degree. 

Experience: Minimum of 6 months of community based and or participatory research experience.  Experience working in/completing ethics process with Indigenous community research preferred.


• With Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, power points and email

• With SPPS and NVivo or equivalents

• Excellent verbal and written communication

• Ability to work well under limited supervision (weekly meetings)

• Interest in Indigenous health and community-based research

• Experience with online meetings

• Experience completing Indigenous Community Based Ethics Application

Additional Information:

• Flexibility of working hours at times

• Work is conducted in person and through zoom.

• COVID Vaccines and boosters are required as you will be working with Elders and vulnerable community members.

To apply:
Please submit your resume: Include a cover letter and a resume.

Thank you for considering this opportunity.

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