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Indigenous Mental Well Being Workers

Ottawa Aboriginal Coalition

January 15, 2024

Title: Indigenous Mental Well Being Workers

Start Date: January 2024

Full-time Contract Position

$63,700  $35 hour

Term: Until July 15, 2025 (and possible renewal based on funding)

Location: Ottawa

Closing Date: Tuesday January 24th, 2024 at 4pm

Preference would be given to First Nations, Inuit or Métis candidates (please self-identify to receive preference).

The Ottawa Aboriginal Coalition

The Ottawa Aboriginal Coalition is made up of Executive Directors from ten Ottawa Indigenous service organizations in Ottawa. The Coalition meets a number of times throughout the year to identify emerging issues and joint priorities based on their work in the community and provincial and national issues impacting urban Indigenous people.  The Coalition works within a Relationship Framework that identifies the key relationships that are built and maintained to ensure that the needs of Indigenous people are addressed in Ottawa.  The Coalition is engaged with the broader Ottawa Indigenous community and non-Indigenous partners including hosting a community gathering and Elders’ lunches each year.

The OAC Indigenous Mental Well Being Workers project

The Ottawa Aboriginal Coalition is looking for two Indigenous Mental Well-being workers to support Indigenous community members who are tenants living in Ottawa’s two Indigenous community housing providers: Gignul Housing and Inuit Non Profit Housing.  The workers will support tenants around their mental, emotional and spiritual needs and support them to remain as tenants.

OAC – Mental Well Being Worker Job Description

Position Summary:

The OAC Mental  Well Being workers are responsible for implementing a range of strategies and activities to support the mental, emotional and spiritual needs of the tenants at Gignul Housing and Inuit Non Profit Housing, including doing wellness supports and doing referrals to appropriate supports and services through the OAC member organizations and other culturally focused programs and services offered throughout Ottawa.

Primary Duties

1. Work closely as a team and with the staff of Gignul Housing and Inuit Non Profit Housing to support Indigenous tenants.

2. Build relationships with tenants who may need additional supports.

3. To work in conjunction with OAC organizations to coordinate resources and plan wellness functions/activities to residents of Gignul Housing and

4. Plan, coordinate and deliver culturally appropriate wellness workshops, events and activities including arranging for speakers and workshops that focus on family wellness, traditional ceremony, fitness/recreation, and healthy lifestyles.

5. Work with the staff of Gignul Housing and Inuit Non Profit Housing to identify tenants that are vulnerable to being evicted because of tenant behaviour.

6. Provide referrals for counselling and support services in all areas.

7. Educate tenants and/or families in terms of support services that are available and assist in developing client action plans to identify and address needs and concerns.

8. Develop and/or acquire resource materials and resource packages for community awareness and education around Indigenous well-being.

9. If required, Identify and develop protocols with the OAC between service providers to support tenants.

10. Engage in outreach activities including home visits to support tenants.

11. Develop appropriate evaluation tools to assess the activities that the program is engaged in.

12. Organize case management sessions with OAC service providers that are also connected to the tenants.

13. Maintain high ethical standards, be aware of and remain up to date on privacy laws relating to client information and maintain confidentiality at all levels.

14. Develop and implement effective processes for client file management systems and client services, maintaining confidentiality and professionalism at all times.

Secondary Duties

1. Contribute to a harmonious team environment within the OAC and amongst the partners of the project.

2. Attend OAC staff meetings and mental well-being team meetings at Inuuqatigiit or Minwaashin Lodge.

3. Attend appropriate workshops, seminars, and training sessions as required and as assigned to remain current and up-to-date on topics of concern to the work assignments for the position.

4. Work with the Traditional Knowledge Holders and Elders that are part of the project for debriefing and for advice to support Indigenous tenants.

5. Monthly reports on the project for the OAC.

6. Track and send time sheets every two weeks to OAC facilitator.

7. Ensure relevant documents are uploaded to internal OAC platform.

8. Attend and help with various OAC initiatives as needed/directed by the OAC facilitator.


Post-secondary diploma or degree in the social and community development fields as well as certificates in counselling training with a minimum of two (2) years work experience in a similar or related position specifically in the Indigenous community; OR

A minimum of four (4) years proven experience in the Indigenous social and/or community development fields and a commitment to further training appropriate for the position.

Skills Required

• Must be sensitive to the unique needs of Indigenous community members.

• Must have a proficient level of communication skills, verbal and written.

• Must have a demonstrated ability to organize and facilitate wellness workshops.

• Knowledge of the Ottawa local Indigenous community services and supports.

• Must have a demonstrated commitment to self-care and wellness.

• Must possess excellent organizational and time-management skills.

• Must be willing to work flexible hours including evening and weekend hours for client based programs and services.

• Excellent computer skills an asset.

• Must have, or be capable of obtaining certification in CPR and First Aid and may be required to attend other appropriate training/certification courses as required.

• Must possess a current and valid Driver’s License and dependable vehicle.’ including 2 million liability insurance.

• Must produce a clean CPIC (Criminal records check) annually.

Additional Information:

• Flexibility of working hours at times

• Work is conducted primarily in person, with some meetings on zoom.

• COVID Vaccines and boosters are required as you will be working with Elders and vulnerable community members.

To apply:
Please submit your resume: Include a covering letter and a resume.

Thank you for considering this opportunity.

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