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OAC Project Coorinator

The Ottawa Aboriginal Coalition

November 20, 2022

OAC Project Coordinator
Start Date: January 9, 2023 (or earlier)
Contract position
Full Time (35 hours a week) – $60,000 - $65,000 Term: Two-year term (longer based on funding)

The Ottawa Aboriginal Coalition

The Ottawa Aboriginal Coalition is made up of Executive Directors from the Ottawa Indigenous service organizations in Ottawa. The Coalition meets a minimum of six times throughout the year to identify emerging issues and joint priorities based on their work in the community and provincial and national issues impacting urban Indigenous people. The Coalition works within a Relationship Framework that identifies the key relationships that are built and maintained to ensure that the needs of Indigenous people are addressed in Ottawa. The Coalition is engaged with the broader Ottawa Indigenous community and non-Indigenous partners including hosting a community gathering and Elders’ lunches each year.

Job Summary

The Project Coordinator works to support the Ottawa Aboriginal Coalition in the implementation of the strategic plan and key priorities; primarily through managing and implementing Coalition projects.

The OAC Project Coordinator works closely and collaboratively within the OAC Staff team to support the work of the Coalition.


1. Project Management

  • Support key OAC projects: meet key deliverables, ensure OAC involvement and direction and ensure that key milestones are being done.

  • Prepare briefing notes and presentations related to key projects and as needed, in order to support OAC discussions and deliberations 

  • Complete draft funding reports for all projects.

2. Community Engagement:

  • Community Forums – Assist with the development of the content of the community forums. Work with the OAC Administrator to coordinate and do the logistical preparations, agenda development, speaker solicitation and all aspects of the community forum.

  • Elders Luncheons – Assist with the logistical preparations, preparation of meeting summary and follow up from meeting.

  • OAC Career Fairs – Coordinate the Career Fairs.

  • OAC initiatives – Support, as needed, key OAC initiatives.

  • Responsible for minute taking in some community meetings, including the Indigenous EmploymentTable

3. Project Development (as needed)

  • Proposal writing for both sustainable and project funding.

  • Work closely with the United Way Ottawa to identify opportunities for the OAC or OAC members to meet funder’s

4. Communications:

  • Support OAC communications around social media and the OAC Website, as directed and based on the OAC Communication Strategy.

  • Develop marketing and communication materials, as required

5. Support to the OAC

  • Participate in OAC meetings, including administrative team meetings.

6. OAC operations

  • Assist in the development of an annual work plan and budget.

7. Collective responsibilities with the OAC staff

  • Respond to enquiries regarding the work of the OAC.

  • Ensure that the Elder’s request system is well functioning

  • Respect and reflect the leadership role of the OAC in Ottawa

  • Promote capacity building in Indigenous community and people through your actions.

8. Other related duties as deemed essential.

This position requires that the person is able to work either from the OAC office at 150 Elgin Street in downtown Ottawa and/or from their home office. The person is required to be able to travel throughout Ottawa to attend meetings and to pick up materials for the OAC, at times.

Deadline for applications will be December 5th, 2022. 

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