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OAC Indigenous Women’s Safety Table consulting - Residential Services

Ottawa Aboriginal Coalition

May 9, 2022

Title: OAC Indigenous Women’s Safety Table consulting 

Start Date: May 1st, 2022 or as soon as possible 

Contract$ $8,000 - $10,000 $40 hour
Term: May – July 31st, 2022

Location: Ottawa
Preference would be given to First Nations, Inuit or Métis candidates (please self-identify to receive preference).

Residential Services Working Group

The Ottawa Aboriginal Coalition

The Ottawa Aboriginal Coalition is made up of Executive Directors from the Ottawa Indigenous service organizations in Ottawa. The Coalition meets monthly throughout the year to identify emerging issues and joint priorities based on their work in the community and provincial and national issues impacting urban Indigenous people. The Coalition works within a Relationship Framework that identifies the key relationships that are built and maintained to ensure that the needs of urban Indigenous people are addressed in Ottawa. The Coalition is engaged with the broader Ottawa Indigenous community, Elders and non-Indigenous partners to build a strong Ottawa which is a place of belonging for all Indigenous people.

The OAC Indigenous Women’s Safety Table

The Indigenous Women’s Safety Table (IWST) was developed to respond to the Calls for Justice out of the National Inquiry on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls and to apply them to the Ottawa community. The table has focused on specific systems that need to change in order to increase their capacity to be a safe place for Indigenous women. The current working groups are police, health care, residential services and housing and homelessness.

Summary of the Work

The consultant will be required to collect information for the table and organize it into clear and accessible formats. The work will then be presented to the Working Table for analysis and discussion.

Details of the Work

  1. Group Homes in Ottawa where Indigenous children and youth would be located.

  2. The institutional settings where Indigenous children and youth would be located, including for mental health, development supports and 

For all of the individual sites:

  1. The number of youth/children they house at any given time.

  2. The age range that they take.

  3. What is the criteria for their group home/institution in accepting youth?

  4. The percentage of children/youth that are Indigenous each year.

  5. The gender breakdown

  6. The program

  7. Where are these children coming from (geographic location, specific First Nations, cities or hamlets from Inuit Nunagut).

  8. What services and programs are provided to the youth/children?

  9. What culturally specific services and programs are provided to them?

  10. What are the processes they use to ensure safety for the Indigenous youth?

  11. How do they ensure the youth is connected to their home community?

  12. How do they ensure the youth is connected to the Ottawa Indigenous community?

  13. What is their response to Indigenous youth being harmed (e.g. sexual assault, racial violence between residents, etc)

  14. What Indigenous service organizations are they connected to?

To apply please send cover letter and resume to

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