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Indigenous Recruitment Retention and Advancement Team (IRRA) at Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) Virtual Event

Indigenous Recruitment Retention and Advancement Team

November 22, 2020

ESDC will be utilizing on online platform (Zoom) for this recruitment event to ensure compliance of Public Health regulations regarding COVID-19.

We welcome you to fill out the following questionnaire. This questionnaire will help IRRA get a sense of your job experience and what you are looking for; this will help IRRA match you with a hiring manager.

Hiring managers from ESDC will be onsite to answer questions about what opportunities they have available and what it is like to work at ESDC. This is not a formal interview.

This survey is not mandatory but will help inform the HR team of your career goals.http://file:///C:/Users/AylaN/OneDrive/Documents/OAC/Questionnaire%20for%20participants_virtual%20FrenchEnglish.pdf

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