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Admin. Coordinator

Ottawa Aboriginal Coalition

April 14, 2021

Job Summary

The OAC Administrative Coordinator will work closely with the OAC Projects Coordinator, Relationships Coordinator and Facilitator to support the Ottawa Aboriginal Coalition and its members. The focus of the work is to ensure that administrative supports are in place to support the implementation of the strategic plan, to meet the funder’s deliverables, to respond to community needs, and to profile the work of the Coalition.


1. Respond to enquiries regarding the work of the OAC.

  • First contact for outside inquiries.

  • Track and Coordinate requests received by the Ottawa Aboriginal Coalition to be brought forward to the OAC Team.

  • Prepare draft updates for the OAC

2. Organize a minimum of (6) Ottawa Aboriginal Coalition meetings each year:

  • Scheduling of Members and Guests.

  • Logistics (location, food, conference call details).

  • Providing agenda and support documents to participants.

  • Minute-taking and preparation of Record of Discussions.

  • Follow up on meeting decisions.

  • Provide monthly updates to the OAC and Team.

3. Project Management:

  • Maintain all records in a timely and efficient manner (policies, by-laws, financial records, minutes, correspondence, reports, etc.) as required.

  • Provide general management including purchasing of supplies.

Working with the Projects Coordinator

4. Community Engagement: (Primary role is logistical)

  • Community Forum – overall coordination of registration via Eventbrite, create and distribute promotional materials, logistical preparations and manage the attendee database. Helping the Projects Coordinator to secure speakers, facilitators, entertainment, volunteers, display tables and Elders.

  • Elders Luncheons – keep contact list up to date, overall coordination of registration, promotion, logistical preparations, follow up from meeting.

5. Communications

  • Assist with the development and establishment of communications plan.

  • Develop marketing and communication materials.

  • Prepare materials/presentations to promote the interests of the Ottawa Aboriginal Coalition.

  • Ensure relevant documents are uploaded onto the internal platform to assist the OAC Team in supporting the Coalition in it’s work.

6. Projects and specific elements of the strategic plan.

  • Work on specific projects or elements of the strategic plan.

7. Collective responsibilities

  • Develop and implement promotional and community development strategies that help strengthen the capacity of individuals and communities.

  • Respect and reflect the leadership role of the OAC.

  • Promote capacity building in Indigenous community and people.

Working with the OAC Relationships Coordinator and OAC Facilitator

8. Support to the two positions as required

9. Other related duties as deemed essential.

This position requires that the person is able to work either from the OAC office in downtown Ottawa and/or from their home office. The person is required to be able to travel throughout Ottawa to attend meetings.

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